How do Green Streets Improve Water Quality?

The Problem

  • When it rains, water falls on our communities and runoff collects along the roads in ditches, gutters, and storm drains.
  • This runoff collects and caries pollutants that can impact our streams, rivers, reservoirs, beaches, shoreline and oceans.
  • During dry weather, the water we use throughout the day can have similar effects.

The Solution

  • Green Streets use natural processes like filtration through plants and soil to treat water runoff in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Other runoff treatments systems are fully underground and can partner with surface systems to assist our infrastructure.

Questions & Answers

  • Is there a list available of project areas currently under consideration?
  • Are the priority projects available to the public?
  • How can we nominate specific areas for a project?
Get Answers

What is the Green Streets Clean Water Program?


The County of San Diego introduces the Green Streets Clean Water program to evaluate nearly 1,200 miles of roads in the unincorporated area for opportunities to support clean water in local creeks, rivers, lakes, and ultimately the ocean, through green street retrofits.


The Green Streets Clean Water Plan will identify the highest priority multi-benefit locations for green streets across 24 community planning areas. Opportunities will weigh local community benefits such as supporting aquifer recharge, improving pedestrian safety and enhancing green spaces.

Pave the Way

Policy recommendations will be made to further “pave the way” for future green streets opportunities.

The Green Streets Clean Water Plan Includes


An introduction to Green Streets and how they can be used to improve water quality and improve our communities


Evaluation of project feasibility and the benefits to water quality and communities


Blueprint for those
interested in future green streets projects.

How Can I Participate?


The County is hosting two public meetings to introduce Green Streets Clean Water and get feedback from local community members, businesses and stakeholders.

The first was held via Zoom on July 7, 2021. The second meeting is planned for the winter of 2021/22 to present the Draft Green Streets Clean Water Plan, which will introduce the highest priority multi-benefit green streets opportunities. We would love for you to attend!


We are gathering community-specific input to help tailor the projects to local preferences, where feasible. Can you help us shape the future of Green Streets in your community?

Stay Informed

An introduction to Green Streets and how they can be used to improve water quality and improve our communities

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