Is there a list available of project areas currently under consideration for green streets?

Thus far the priority catchments have been identified, and within these areas, project sites are currently being evaluated. Both the priority catchments and the projects themselves will be provided in the Green Streets Clean Water Plan.

The Watershed Protection Program sponsored project information can also be found at, for projects already moving forward: and click on the Green Infrastructure icon.

The Mapleview Green Street Project was described during the Green Streets Clean Water Webinar. Is it one of the 30 projects that will be included in the Green Streets Clean Water Plan?

No, the Mapleview Green Street Project is currently in design and is anticipated to go to construction later this year. 30 additional projects will be identified in the Green Streets Clean Water Plan.

Are the priority projects available to the public?

Projects have not yet been selected, as they will be developed in consideration of the information we receive from stakeholders during the meeting and from the survey. The projects will be included in the draft and final Green Streets Clean Water Plan, expected by early 2022.

How can we nominate specific areas for a project?

The survey includes an open response field for additional questions or comments. Please provide suggestions for candidate sites there.

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